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JURIS Law Center is an Azerbaijani legal consulting company providing all types of legal services. We specialize in commercial, criminal, civil and corporate law, as well as in providing comprehensive legal support and advice to legal entities in the establishment and operation of the Republic of Azerbaijan. We also provide legal advice and legal representation services to foreign individuals in the areas of family, labor relations, migration, inheritance, recognition and enforcement of foreign court decisions

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Corporate law
- Corporate law, as a commercial law institution, governs the formation of legal entities and the relationships that arise from their activities.

• Our center offers the following corporate law services:
- establishment and registration of national and international legal entities;
- state registration of amendments and additions to the founding documents of legal entities;
- reorganization of legal entities in the form of merger, association, division, and separation;
- establishment of branches, departments, representative offices;
- cancellation or suspension of registration of legal entities;
- legal entity due diligence;
- purchase of shares or assets;
- development of internal regulations of legal entities;
- resolution of corporate disputes, etc.

Civil law
Civil law is a field of law that regulates the legal status of individuals, the grounds for the emergence and realization manner of ownership rights and other property rights, contractual and other binding relationships, as well as other property relationships and personal non-property relationships related to them.

• Our center offers the following civil law services:
- legal regulation of property relations and personal non-property relations of individuals;
- protection of rights and legitimate interests of individuals;
- protection of the right to protect the honor, dignity, business reputation, private and family life, and personal integrity of individuals;
- provision of legal support to entrepreneurial activities, etc.

Resolution of legal disputes
According to the Constitution of the Republic of Azerbaijan, everyone is guaranteed protection of his/her rights and freedoms through the administrative remedies and in court.

• Our center offers the following services in resolving legal disputes:
- pre-court due diligence of disputes;
- representation in court;
- appealing the decisions of administrative bodies;
- inherited property and inheritance disputes;
- demanding debt and compensation for pecuniary and non-pecuniary damage;
- labor disputes, reinstatement of employment;
- dissolution of marriage, property division in case of dissolution of marriage;
- determination of legal facts;
- paternity establishment, alimony imposition, ensuring communication with the child, etc.

Resolution of labor disputes
- A labor dispute (individual) is a disagreement between an employer and an employee on an individual basis during the fulfillment of the terms of (individual) employment contracts, collective agreements and contracts, the obligations of the parties, as well as the application of this Code and other normative legal acts.

• Our center provides the following services in resolving these disputes:
- providing a legal opinion on employing and dismissing employees, as well as entering their employment and dismissal data into the electronic system;
- providing legal opinions and conducting procedures regarding the calculation and execution of leave and the implementation of the business trip process;
- checking and monitoring the compliance of existing labor relations with labor legislation;
- verifying the legality of internal documents developed in relation to labor relations;
- representation in court to protect the interests of employees and employers, etc.

Contract law
- A contract is an agreement between two or more parties in relation to the establishment, modification or termination civil rights and obligations. Individuals and legal entities can independently enter into contracts and determine the content of these contracts

• Our center provides the following services on the contract law:
- preparation of all types of contracts, including purchase and sale, contracting, assignment, donation, rent, and lease;
- preparation of international agreements, international trade agreements;
- conducting due diligence on all types of contracts;
- making additions and amendments to and terminating contracts, etc.

Insurance law services
Insurance is the system of relations that is based on the transfer or distribution of risks in the sphere of protection of the interests connected with property, life, health, and civil responsibility, as well as the activities, including business activities, of the insured that are not forbidden by law.

• Our center provides the following insurance law services:
- legal support for obtaining licenses related to insurance activities;
- preparation, termination and due diligence of life, property, transportation, travel, and health insurance contracts;
- analysis and legal resolution of disputes arising out of insurance contracts;
- counseling on life, property, civil liability and other insurance disputes.

Administrative law
Administrative law relationships between state bodies and individuals or legal entities are regulated by administrative law.

• Our center provides the following services in the field of administrative law:
- representation of people in administrative law disputes between state bodies and individuals or legal entities;
- analysis and legal assessment of and representation in economic disputes between legal entities and individuals;
- preparation of legal opinions, references, or any type of legal document to be submitted to administrative bodies for individuals.

Family law
In the Republic of Azerbaijan, legal regulation of marriage and family relations from a legal point of view is performed by the state, and only marriages contracted under the relevant executive authority are recognized.

• Our center provides the following services in the field of administrative law:
- conclusion of marriage contracts;
- marriage, divorce;
- property division;
- alimony;
- adoption;
- relationship with the child;
- paternity establishment;
- legal counseling regarding family relationships.

Migration law
Immigration law includes obtaining work permits and temporary or permanent residence permits for foreigners and stateless persons, as well as other services related to this field of law. Failure to use legal services on time can lead to refusal of residence and work permits, deportation, and other negative consequences.

• In order to avoid such situations, our center provides the following services in the field of migration law:
- registration at the place of residence and obtaining temporary and permanent residence permits;
- obtaining permit documentation for employing and using foreigners as employees;
- legal support for the company's activities in the field of migration law;
- implementing the procedure of registration of foreign citizens in the territory of Azerbaijan;
- ensuring the delivery of all necessary documents provided by law in the process of employing foreigners;
- re-applying to migration authorities (extension of temporary residence permit, visa terms, etc.);
- preparing application documents to administrative bodies on behalf of foreigners and representing them before state bodies.

Criminal law
Criminal law is a legal system that defines the principles and fundamentals of criminal liability, the scope of acts admitted as crimes, the types and limits of punishment for crimes, and the conditions for exemption from criminal liability and punishment. Services regarding criminal law include protection of the rights of individuals and legal entities before investigative and judicial bodies, crimes against persons, traffic accidents, etc. Taking into account that the crime is a socially dangerous act, it is recommended that you use the services of professional lawyers in this field.

• Our center provides the following services in the field of criminal law:
- protection of the rights of persons before investigative and judicial bodies;
- protection of human rights in crimes committed against life and health;
- legal defense of persons in relation to traffic accidents;
- provision of legal aid to persons in relation to criminal prosecution, criminal law measures, etc.

Sports law
Sports law is a special field of law that regulates relationships between professional athletes, coaches, administrators, athletes' representatives, and international and national sports organizations, sports associations, sports clubs, and other sports organizations. We fully guarantee the provision of any kind of legal service in the area of sports law with the highest level of professionalism, taking into account the lack of specialists in this field in our country.

• Our center provides the following services in the field of sports law:
- preparing football players' transfer contracts, professional player contracts, and their lease contracts;
- preparing "representation" contracts between players and national or international agents;
- resolution of disputes between football players and sports clubs, fulfillment of football players' contract salary requirements;
- responding to or submitting requests to international sports organizations like FIFA, UEFA and CAS on behalf of football players and clubs;
- preparation and state registration of sponsorship, donation, and grant agreements;
- provision of legal counseling on all types of sports.

* Note: All the above services are provided by our team in all fields of sports

Intellectual property law
This term broadly refers to a temporary exclusivity right established by law, as well as personal non-property rights to the output of intellectual activities of creators or means of individualization.
The laws that define intellectual property rights determine the monopoly of creators on certain forms of using the outputs of intellectual and creative activities, which other people can use only with the permission of the owner.

• Our center provides the following services in the field of intellectual property rights:
- preparation and submission to relevant authorities of applications for registration of industrial property items (invention, utility model, industrial sample, trademark and geographical indications);
- preparation and submission of objections to the decisions of the relevant bodies on the refusal to grant patents to inventions, utility models and industrial samples and to register trademarks and geographical indications;
- provision of other services related to intellectual property.

Advocacy in the Republic of Azerbaijan is an independent legal institution with a duty to professionally carry out legal defense activities. The main tasks of advocacy include protecting the rights, freedoms, and legitimate interests of individuals and legal entities, law and providing high quality legal aid to them.

• Our center provides the following advocacy services:
- legal protection of the rights and legitimate interests of individuals in preliminary investigations, inquiries, and other instances;
- representation in court on debt claims and property disputes;
- providing legal services for divorce, alimony and other family law relationships;
- legal defense in courts related to commercial activities of companies, etc.

Real Estate
Real estate are plots of land, buildings, installations, and other objects that are strongly connected to (and inseparable from) soil and therefore cannot be replaced without disproportionate (unlimited) damage and are subject to state registration.

• Our center provides the following real estate services:
- preparation and due diligence of purchase, sale, lease, and rental contracts regarding real estate;
- execution of procedures for state registration of real estate;
- preparation and legal analysis of mortgage agreements, etc.

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